Inicio Letras "I Love Hip Hop" de Dragon Ash

I LOVE HIP HOP 一晩中騒ごうBaby

ELONG Japanese music technology
PM ride on the break down Follow to T.O.P touch down
I show U fight Real funky beat night Fist U Never lose your spirit
Funky D.J I show you Check it out Comin' out
Headphone settin' scratchin\' transformin'
All standin' Oh U wanna come divin\'? Yes yes sure Fly high Don't be shy
Throw a f***in' toy Hey, attention tough guy Ready now brother 3,2,1, Fire
Most important Get the point Hey listen student Music city night Excite
さあ始めよう大きな宴 時間ならあるさ大いに騒げ

M and B 刻むこのBeat DA system ご自慢のKey
Mr. Turntable
切り抜けTrouble 今日も回せガンガンに相棒
Born in Japan We wanna jump up 見せるぜSkill It's Rock Style
恐れなど無い If you come the party night We gonna keep on shinin'
J to A to P to S
言葉のFence ぶち壊す Chance
常に乗せるオレ達のPace Our argument rents on a solid basis
満を待してこんな時代に登場 HIP HOP PUNKS 織り交ぜて今参上
We\'re Dragon Ash 共に行こう駆け抜けろ青春

1,2こんな感じ速効10count 過ぎる前に立ち上がりBout
ぼやぼやしてりゃすぐRing out 振り向きざまにかますLariat
次から次へ言葉のFile 掘り出しては繰り出すMissile
乗せるTrackは壮大なScale 世紀末へ投げかけるSoul
HIP HOP Beat Don't stop move Make the history with DA steady
Rockin' like this Don't give up kids Make a money move your body
Mic test 1,2 Bass rhythm I want to
Over night party Brother ready steady U don't stop love HIP HOP

CD: Viva la Revolution